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The St. Maarten Development Fund (SMDF) is a duly incorporated entity on St. Maarten, actively working to improve the lives of St. Maarten’s most vulnerable. Established on May 30, 2012 with an objective to intervene in the development and financing of programs and projects designed to contribute towards the country’s social development, SMDF is the only entity founded solely to provide these forms of support for the country’s social initiatives. Today, SMDF provides both financial and non-financial support to a number of non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that fill critical voids across multiple segments of St. Maarten’s community. Be it a foster home, emergency shelter, senior citizens enrichment program, afternoon school activity or food pantry, SMDF strives to support foundations that support the people of St. Maarten. We firmly believe that the NGOs we serve, through their programs and projects, are changing lives.

SMDF dedicates itself to St. Maarten’s societal development. Our goal, is to mediate in the development and financing of projects and programs that will contribute to the Social and Community Development of St. Maarten. We work towards this goal via the following:

  • Acquisition of funds;
  • Granting of donations for the execution of projects;
  • Facilitating the execution of projects within the scope of its goals;
  • Advising, coordinating and providing project support by planning, executing and monitoring of projects.

As we are the only entity with this focus, SMDF is mandated to do all that is necessary to contribute to the realization of its goals.