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As we stand on the shoulders of those that came before us, it is only right that we care for them as they cared for us. Our senior citizens have paved the way for us and now we care for them. The elderly among us are some of our most vulnerable. Many senior citizens live alone, in some cases they are immobile and rely on the services and time of others. The Senior Care organizations we support, all of which are run by seniors themselves, work to ensure that seniors remain active, engaged and mobile.

Helpings Hands Foundation’s activities began with providing transportation services for the elderly. Stepping in to assist the elderly, Helping Hands began taking seniors to medical appoints such as dialysis and physical therapy. From there, they expanded and began to offer transportation services to grocery stores in an effort to improve the health and nutrition of seniors. The transportation services provided ensure that seniors can receive medical care, can access meals and are able to live a more fulfilled life that includes mobility.

 Mr. Antonio Rogers




Led by the dedicated Patricia Flanders, Home Away from Home hosts senior gathering three times weekly. These gatherings provide the seniors with a lively environment to socialize and also remain active. Additionally with breakfast and lunch served at all gatherings, Home Away From Home is also doing its part to ensure seniors’ nutritional needs are met. With weekly gatherings and a calendar filled with special events, Home Away From Home is keeping the elderly young at heart.

  Ms. Patricia Flanders



The goal of the Enhanced Living Foundation is to improve the lives of vulnerable senior citizens and individuals with physical disabilities on the island of Sint Maarten where possible. The Foundation offers senior citizens assistance with running errands, light home cleaning, grocery shopping and above all, friendship.

  Ms. Charleen Bell



Established in May 1989, the St. Maarten Senior Citizens Recreational Foundation was founded by Beryl Parker and Marion Rombley. The purpose for creating the Foundation was to organize activities for elderly, ages fifty years and up, regardless of nationality, sex or religion and to improve the position of the elderly within society. With a dedicated Center for senior activities, the Senior Citizen Recreational Foundation is managed by Marva van Heyningen.

 Marva van Heyningen