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While we support programs and projects across a range of sectors, our core goal is to mediate in the development and financing of projects and programs that will contribute to the Social and Community Development of St. Maarten. One direct way that we achieve this goal is by supporting projects that focus solely on poverty reduction.

Formed on October 28, 2014, the Bishop W. M. Ellis Foundation’s poverty alleviation efforts focus on meeting nutritional needs by providing food for those that need it most. For two hundred and fifty families of three to eight persons, the foundation provides food hampers to ensure that no one is crippled by hunger. Aside from families, the foundation also supplies groceries for individuals with limited mobility, removing the worries of food insecurity a top of health concerns. Through their outreach activities, the foundation is easing the strain of at least one aspect of poverty.

 Mr. Pulach Mahadeo


Freegan Food Foundation

 Drs. Joost de Jong


Operating a meals program at the Milton Peters College, Maximizing Pupils Chances Foundation provides hot meals throughout the school week for 80 to 100 students at St. Maarten’s largest secondary school. Run by the school’s teachers and staff members, the foundation seeks to remove all obstacles to students’ learning. Through the provision of daily meals as well as other needs such as eyeglasses, the foundation has been quietly ensuring that all students of Milton Peters College can meet their full potential and excel academically.

  Laticia Brown

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