SMDF Now Accepting Applications For Incidental Grants to Benefit Vulnerable Groups

SMDF Now Accepting Applications For Incidental Grants to Benefit Vulnerable Groups

The St. Maarten Development Fund (SMDF) is now accepting funding requests from legally registered foundations and non-profit organizations for small-scaled, short-term projects aimed at supporting vulnerable groups in our community. Organizations can apply for funding up to ANG 10,000!

SMDF’s goal is to mediate in the development of financing of projects and programs that will contribute to the social and community development of St. Maarten. Since its inception, the foundation has sought to provide a strategic policy based on evidence, with coordinated approaches and full accountability. According to its Policy Plan 2013-2023, Contributing to a Society That Cares, “The lessons learned from the history of social and community development on St. Maarten demands of us to return to the core of being a people that take care of the most vulnerable amongst us.”

Projects that SMDF is interested in funding should fall within the three (3) development pillars of:

1) Social Empowerment
2) District / Community Improvement, and
3) Poverty Alleviation

The identifiable target groups of marginalized people in need of more self-sufficiency include youth from inception to 24, senior citizens, persons with a mental, physical or social challenge, gender groups including women, single mothers and boys, and teenage parenthood.

Interested organizations can apply by:
1) Filling out the online application: or downloading the application in Word format below
2) Providing a Chamber of Commerce excerpt no older than 6 months, Articles of Incorporation, a Declaration of Good Standing from the Tax Inspectorate, and a complete budget in Guilders and in excel format.

The deadline to submit an application for an incidental subsidy is Thursday, September 30, 2021.

For more information, interested organizations can contact SMDF’s Program and Development Manager Melanie Choisy at